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    How Long Does it Take a Supplement to Work?

    So, How Long Should You Give a Supplement to Work? I hate when an article starts out with something like “How long it takes for a supplement to work isn’t as simple an answer as you think”. And then goes onto to make me read the whole article…. Ugh, So, my goal for this one, is to give a guideline that covers how long you should take most supplements, and then caveat it from there. In general, it can take from 2 weeks to 8 weeks for you to know if a supplement truly “worked” for you.  And up to three months before you feel its true effect.  Ok, that…

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    Understanding Your Migraine

    How Understanding the Science of What is Happening to You, May Help Find a Cure. “Why the ‘H’ does this hurt so bad?!?!” Maybe this thought has gone through your head before, as the pain of your latest Migraine bangs against the inside of your skull. Well we have wondered it, so we decided to search for the answer… So, what exactly is a migraine? When researching this question, you may have read that migraines are a type headache that typically effects one side of your head, often accompanied by nauseous, or aura.  They are often precipitated by some kind of trigger and treated with a range of medications. However,…

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    B Vitamins: The Miracle “Drug” for Pain

    Go ahead, Google Vitamin Bs for pain. You will see all the articles and studies that tote the amazing effects of B Vitamins on all kinds on pain conditions. With science to back it up, B Vitamins appear as something of a miracle ‘drug’ for pain sufferers. And for myself, a long time pain sufferer who’s life was run by pain for many years, I can personally attest to them being life changing. (Warning: quick, and snarky, side question) Has your doctor told you about these? Mine never did. I wonder if their Google settings have some kind of medical industry “safety block”, that keeps any results besides expensive RX…

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    Enough with the Headaches!

    As a Founder of Life Without Pain, This Collection is Very Special to Me. After years of daily debilitating headaches, and never leaving home without my pill bag filled with meds ranging from ibuprofen to hardcore narcotics (sound familiar?), after just one month taking these supplements, I noticed a MAJOR reduction in my headaches. And a few months later, I am now going weeks without taking so much as a Tylenol. The best part though? Without my even knowing, my best friend who suffered her own version of daily headaches was trying this same mix. Now she too walks around pain free, and her prescriptions? Expired.