Who We Are

We are more than a couple of founders who have battled our own forms of pain for most of our lives. More than people who found life changing solutions (FINALLY!) through natural medicine.

We are a community who is finding that together, with shared information, shared experiences and shared success…. pain doesn’t have to rule our lives.

How much mind share and energy does your pain take from you everyday? It wasn’t until we were without it that we realized truly how much. Either we are battling the pain itself or the fatigue of that fight. Or on our best days… we are wondering if the next thing we do will trigger it! Panicking as we double checking our pockets and purses to make sure that we have our ‘meds’.

We HATE that! We’re sick of it! But this isn’t about us.

We are building a community, whose experiences, successes and failures, can help each other find real solutions. Help each other truly have the lives we deserve.

We promise to do the research, to scour all the articles, to talk to our fellow pain suffers, and to talk to our trusted natural experts and doctors. And we promise to provide you with solutions. Not every solution will work for everyone. And always consult a doctor before starting anything new if you are on meds of any kind today.

But think of it???? If natural medicine, with minimal or no side effects, could finally give us a pain free or more manageable life? We think its worth it. And hope you feel the same.

So Who We Are? We are you, we are your child who suffers from pain, your mom with nerve pain, and your friend who lives on ibuprofen just to get out of bed.

Be a part of this with us. Help shape and form a new movement in Pain, one that may even banish it forever.

We thank you for reading this far, and we truly hope we can help you. If even just to give you hope:).